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Flaming Resistance is a simple platform where you have to rejoin with your friends travelling through areas avoiding enemies and traps.


You have to go to the last area (the one below the initial one). To reach the next area you use portals( a hole with fog).


The story is set in a world populated by three tribes : Aqua, Glacies and Magma. The first two live on the surface of the world, whereas the last one lives in underground.

Everything was peaceful until one day Aqua and Glacies tribes decided to invade the underground. Magma tribe was forced to hide in depth, but a little magma drop was left behind and his friends are still waiting for him...


WASD : to move;

SPACE : to jump;

SHIFT : to run;

R : to restart from last checkpoint;

P : to pause game;

+/- : to regulate gamma;

ESC : to return to main menu;

UPDATE 12/09:

  • A little bug in third area near portals to fourth area;
  • Fixed the player physics
  • Fixed the ceiling of the first area
  • Fixed the game sound (now it loops) (?)
  • Fixed a little glitch in third area( near the platform located at the center)
  • Fake platform now disappears


  • Changed resolution to 1024x768 (from 800x600)


  • Gamma regulation ( You can increase/decrease gamma with + and - )
  • Added a fake platform, ohohoh
UPDATE 12/08 :
-Death counter;
-Stuck in the wall while jumping and holding direction key;

-Increase brightness ( everything should be visible now);
-Movement : we added a bit of friction;

Disclaimer :

Linux version has not been tested yet, so it could run as it couldn't. We'd really appreciate if you can report any bugs or problem you'll encounter.


[WIN]Flaming Resistance_V1.2.zip 49 MB
[LINUX]Flaming Resistance_V1.2.zip 51 MB